Wed, May 24th and Thurs, May 25th

Heads up! Murph is this coming Memorial Day Monday at 10am. As usual, we’re meeting at the Arthur Ross Pinetum, and picnicking after! Bring food, water, and your toughest game-face!

Wednesday Oly

Perform the following complex 7 times for load:
Clean pull + power clean + clean

Thursday CrossFit

Back Squat

If you used chains last time, or you missed the workout, do not use chains today.
If you did not use chains last time, use chains today.

Compare to 4/10/17.

Accumulate 5 mins in a plank.

Tuesday, May 23rd


“ 170402”

Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:
10 handstand push-ups
95/65-lb. front rack walking lunges, 15 steps

Post rounds completed to comments.

Then, cash out with
50 Strict Pull-Ups

Monday, May 22nd



Then, for time:
75 reps of wallballs or burpees

Start with wallballs. Once you break or pause, finish with burpees.

Post all loads and time to Comments.

Extra Credit:
8 min AMRAP
8 v-ups
8 t2b

Sunday, May 21st


Hang power clean and push press
10 min emom

Hang clean and push jerk
10 min emom

Build in weight across the twenty repetitions.

Endurance WOD

Meet at 10:30 at the gym!

Choose one of the following two levels:

One-third mile incline run
One-third mile incline run
One-half mile incline run
One-third mile incline run

One-half mile incline run
One-half mile incline run
One-third mile incline run
One-half mile incline run

Wear a watch, and post times for all four runs to comments.

Meet at the gym at 10:30am. Dress appropriately for the weather.

Saturday, May 20th

Heads up! This Sunday’s CrossFit WOD is an endurance workout, and will meet at Metropolis at 10:30 after the oly class. THERE WILL BE NO 11:30 WORKOUT.

Kryptonite Hour

“Triplet Tag”

With a partner, perform as many rounds as possible in 30 minutes:
10 overhead squat, 95/65
10 push-ups
30 double unders

One partner works while the other rests. Switch every 3 minutes. When it is time to switch in, pick up exactly where your partner left off.

Post rounds completed and team name to Comments.