Monday, May 2nd


Endurance Club T-Shirts are here! The price estimate was a little low, so they’re going to cost $5 extra… get them from me (Matt) any time you see me at the gym!


5 Minute EMOM
2-10 Ring Dips

Partner WOD:

For time:
60 front squats 135/93
60 burpees over the bar
60 deadlifts, 225/153

Split work as desired between partners. Share two barbells.
While one partner squats, the other must hold the other barbell in the top position of a deadlift.
While one partner deadlifts, the other must hold the other barbell in the front rack.
Both partners may burpee simultaneously.

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May Newsletter

Metropolis Newsletter
May 2016

Greetings from CrossFit Metropolis!

Hey y’all! Spring is truly here and I’m thrilled to be putting that hill outside to use again. If you haven’t joined the Metropolis Endurance Club yet, you really have to. Dan has earned his running stripes, and will make you faster and fitter. Running is a huge piece of fitness: It is the most functional movement.

This month we’ll wrap up some testing following our raw strength cycle, we’ll hit that back squat, bench press and clean and jerk, and we’ll also hit some classic benchmarks, see below. [Read more…]

Sunday, May 1st


Ada is running the NYC Tri on 7/24 to raise money for Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes! Please support her!


5 rounds for time:

50 double unders
20 wallballs
5 ring muscle-ups
3 minute rest

Sub chest to bar pull-ups 1:1 for muscle-ups.
Sub bravery for excuses.

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Saturday, April 30th



As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
10 Push Press, 115/85
10 KB Swings, 24/16
10 Box jumps, 24/20

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Friday, April 29th


Town Hall tomorrow at 1:30pm.
Questions? Ideas? Bring ’em.


3 Second Pause Front Squat

Skill WOD

For time:
50 alternating (100 total)
pull-ups and toes to bar

10 min cap

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