Sunday, December 17th


Clean and Jerk

Back Squat

CrossFit WOD

4 rounds:
Run 800m

Compare to 12/9/17.

Rest 3 minutes between rounds. Post all 4 times to Comments.

Saturday, December 16th

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Holiday Throwdown WOD

Complete as many reps as possible in 10 festive minutes:
15 bar-facing burpees
12 snatches, 115/75
15 pull-ups
15 bar-facing burpees
12 snatches
15 chest to bar pull-ups
15 bar-facing burpees
12 snatches
Max reps, bar muscle-up

Any form of snatch from ground to overhead is allowed.

Post total reps to Comments.

Friday, December 15th


3 5-minute rounds for max reps at each station:
From 0:00-1:00, walking lunges
From 1:00-2:00, air squats
From 2:00-3:00, strict pull-ups
From 3:00-5:00, hip extensions

Rest 3 minutes between rounds.

Post reps for each station to Comments.

Wed, Dec 13th and Thurs, Dec 14th

Wednesday Oly

Power Snatch

Hang Snatch

Snatch pull

Thursday CrossFit

For time, with a partner:
50 synchronized wallballs
50 bench press, 155/105
50 synchronized wallballs
50 power cleans, 155/105

Post time and partner to Comments.

Tuesday, December 12th


Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:
25 pull-ups
50-calorie row
100 overhead squats
50 box jumps
25 pull-ups

Men use a 45-lb. barbell and 24-in. box
Women use a 35-lb. barbell and 20-in. box

Compare to 11/19/16.


50 Push-Ups