Just Mel & that pull-ups bar  😉

Thrusters  65/95lbs

Movement Standards Video
Making sure everyone is held up to the same standards is a team effort.  I’d want my judge to tell me if my ROM was off.  Be honest with your own workout and with your judging responsibilities.


  1. Haha that thing will become my friend one day! We’ve clearly been through a lot… :)

  2. Welcome to the last CF Open WOD!

    Please keep in mind competitors that there is no time cap for this WOD, so be prepared to stay late and be flexible in your class times. I’m sure it’s not going to be easy to coordinate all of the judging. If you are not competing in the open, please be mindful of those who may be pushing themselves more than usual to finish an unusually long WOD! Cheer them on!

    14.5 includes thrusters and bar facing burpees. Please remember that you as a competitor are responsible for knowing the movement standards. You can review them here:

    Some highlighted points:
    -thrusters start with barbell on the ground, and you may squat clean your first thruster
    -during your thruster, your hip crease must pass below your knees and end in a full lockout with arms, knees, and hips fully extended with barbell overhead
    -burpees MUST be performed perpendicular to and facing the barbell (hence the name)
    -chest and thighs must touch the ground on each burpee
    -you MUST jump over the bar with two feet and land on two feet. one-foot jumping and stepping over is not allowed.

    Remember to have integrity in your workouts so you can be proud of your score. Judges, don’t be afraid to no-rep. Sometimes the athlete is so tired, they don’t realize what they are doing wrong!

  3. 24:38 rx’ed. Blerg!

  4. 18:49 Rx
    I left my Rogue wrist straps at the computer, if someone could pop them in the Lost Prop, I’ll pick them up tomorrow.


  5. vnordgren says:

    27:49 Rx

    Thanks Lisa for counting & cheering!

  6. 22:04 @ 53#

  7. amandajnz says:

    15:38 @ 52#

  8. 21:00

    Fucking horrible

  9. 15:44 Rx

    Thruster are weak sauce, burpees for days

  10. stephmil says:

    15:49 of pure pain at Crossfit Forest

  11. I never want to do this one again

    12:45 rx

  12. 16:54 rx
    Never again
    Also I suck at burpees

  13. Meredith says:

    Greetings from northern Maine! Battled thru a workout in my grandmother’s garage…

    Kicked things off w/ about 45min of jump roping drills…. Triple under practice comes with a whole other level of punishment w/ a cold, half frozen rope whipping against your legs with every trip-up…and there were a lot unfortunately!

    8:50 Rx
    * du’s all unbroken. Sit-ups slow as usual w/ scar issues..these will just never be speedy for me. Oh well…solid workout regardless

    Good job to everyone tackling 14.5! Looks brutal.

  14. 23:41 rx

    That was miserable….never again

  15. 22:17 RX

  16. 15:38 @ 43#

  17. 17:40 with 43lbs.

    Pure misery:) but made it.

  18. 22:46 thanks for the push Ang

  19. 10 rounds
    Row for calories
    Every minute one squat clean 135#
    107 cals

  20. 18:51
    Slow burpees.

  21. 21:50 rx’d

    Thrusters were the worst!

  22. 18:37 Rx. Fun time at CFM today! Thanks for the support, Mel!

  23. 17:30

    I don’t what you guys are talking about never wanting to do this again… I was having a nice conversation with Jeremy about the hair products through the whole WOD. Exercise and male grooming, baby. Sign me up every, single, time.

  24. Open gym:
    2 ring dips EMOM for 5 mins
    75 DUs unbroken PR
    Snatch: 3 position 33-53-65-70
    Snatch: 75(2)-80(2)-85(1)

  25. My very first WOD ever:
    6/23/2013 Intro: 21-15-9 Thrusters & Burpees @ 33#: couldn’t even finish in 10min cap

    14.5 20:27 rx’d
    The Amazing CFM!!!!

    Was gonna re-test BS 30RM– horrible idea.
    BS @ 133# x10 reps x3

    53 x3 – 63 x4 – 68 – 73 – 78 – 83(f) – 83(f) – 83 – 88(f) – 88(f) – 88(PR)
    Previous PR was 78# on 3/1/2014

  26. 20:47 Rx
    Sucked but better than those 5min emon intervals of burpees/thrusters!

    Thanks Vicky!!!

  27. 19:40 subbed front squats for thrusters 65#

    Epic nap time post brunch RX

  28. Melissa TruHero says:

    20:49 rx
    That was brutal beyond belief! Foot cramps from hell. Thanks for the encouraging words and counting in Spanish guys, really got me through it. 😉

  29. 23:44 -ish Rx and not a hair out of place

    Thrusters slowed me down. Especially the rounds of 15 and 12

    Thanks for the encouragement everyone!

  30. juliavery says:

    13:07 Rx. Kept thinking it was going to get less painful. When it only kept getting worse all I could think was the faster I go the faster this will be over.

    Thanks Dave for coaching me through this one and awesome job today everyone! The Open is over…wahoo!