April Newsletter

Metropolis Newsletter
April 2017

Congrats on finishing the 2017 CrossFit Open!

We made it team! Thank you for giving your all, and for supporting one another during this exciting time. If you haven’t yet, take a look at how you stacked up, but don’t just look at CrossFit Metropolis. Find your regional and worldwide rank as well. Don’t worry about the number so much. Here are the two big questions you can ask (and answer) using the leaderboard.

  1. How much did I improve or worsen over last year?
  2. What was my strongest/weakest workout, and what does that say about my strengths/weaknesses?

Ask these questions of yourself, and then make a plan. We set some goals in January. Now is a great time to reset, make a new goal, and make a plan. I’m here to help if you want to pull me aside in open gym or set up some personal training!

In other news, we’re promoting a few other fitness related services this month! Here’s some info about some other folks doing great things in the fitness world:

Dr. Lance Allen’s Mobility Pyramid

Did you know 95% of men and women have tight subclavius muscles? If you aren’t spending 30 minutes a day treating this imbalance, and others, you are definitely feeding entropy into your movement patterns.

You can learn about and solve more ergonomic imbalances in Lance’s book: The Mobility Pyramid: A Daily Mobility System for Maximum Human Performance.

And be sure to check out all of Lance’s ergofix mobility tools, like his Memory Foam Roller, which contours to your uniquely poor posture for a more ergonomic mobility session.

FreshRx Supplements

Who knows what’s in that chalky protein powder your grandpa used to drink? Today’s athletes need higher quality supplements to reach greater heights in and out of the gym.

Try our HillStrong Antioxidant Mix, single serving packets of crushed roots and greens from the Upper Andes Mountain Range. High altitude farming with less atmospheric oxygen means a richer and more bioavailable antioxidant content.

And don’t forget our subscription box service: IndigiCrate. Each monthly whole-food crate is handpicked by an indigenous rainforest denizen with no prior history of contact with the civilized world. It doesn’t get any more Paleo.


Take your wod-game to the next level with CrossTips. 75% of your success in a given workout is preparation and strategy. Check out the following articles for a taste of the high-quality fitness and sport science material that could bring you from “Fight Gone Bad” to “King Kong”:

Pull-Ups: Are you engaging your glutes enough?

5 CrossFit moves that could rupture your intestines. DON’T do these!

A sub 5:00 Annie?? 20 Tips to Master the Abmat Sit-Up.

Why Stretching More Than or Less Than 18 Minutes Before Exercise RUINS Your Workout.

Upcoming Events

End of the Open Celebration at Beer Karma – Tonight (April 1st) at 6:00pm

Easter – April 16th, the gym is closed.

Guy’s Night at Heidelberg – Date TBA, stay toned.

USAW SP-L1 Certification at Metropolis – May 6th and 7th. More details here.

Bodyweight Skill of the Month


Each month I select one gymnastics skill for you to focus on.

This Month’s Skill: The Pull-Up

Or as Coach Glassman likes to call it, the “upper body squat”. That is to say, it is as important as the squat.

It’s so easy to fixate on the barbell numbers, and there are some awesome athletes out there lifting so much more than you! Maybe it’s time for another squat program?

Not so fast. We’re trying to get all-around fitter, and ignoring a glaring weakness is a sure way to fail that objective. Here’s a little test I like to prescribe: Look at an average CrossFit Games Regionals-level athlete.

Back Squat 272(F)/431(M)

Now divide your back squat by theirs. As measured by the back squat, you are x% as fit as a Regionals CrossFit athlete. Humbling.

Now look at max pull-ups.

Pull-Ups 42(F)/57(M)

Do the same division. This will be really easy if your pull-up count is zero. As measured by pull-ups, you are y% as fit as a Regionals CrossFit athlete.

Don’t worry about how much stronger the athletes at the top are. They’re the 0.5%. Worry about your fitness. If you’re half as squat-strong as the top dogs, but only one-quarter as pull-up strong, you shouldn’t be focusing on your squat! Go do some pull-ups / ring rows / banded pull-ups / negatives / holds!

When it comes to general fitness, you’re only as strong as your weakest link. Your back, arm and core strength as expressed in the pull-up is a vital link in your overall fitness chain.

We’ll be hitting the pull-ups pretty regularly this month, and for those of you with at least a handful of rock-solid strict pull-ups, we’ll get a chance to develop the kip as well to make this movement more efficient and hit some bigger sets. For those of you struggling with the pull-up, get comfortable with those bands and set a reasonable goal for yourself. From zero to one might be a big jump, but you can get there with enough time AND effort. From one to five is not a huge jump, nor is from 5 to 10.

Good luck!

Links to Cool Internet Stuff

The Power Snatch: Uses and Cautions – by Greg Everett. If you want a bigger snatch, you should read this.

FatOrFlat.com – This is a great new site if you want to get your body fat percentage measured. It’s an innovative approach with a lot of promise, and way cheaper than getting a scan somewhere. It’s also a much better metric than stepping on a scale. (I’m guilty as charged.)

Happy Training!