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August 2017

WOD Days of Summer

This time of year is a great time to hit the beach, or the lake, or a local park. Did you know NYC has over 100 public parks? With so much to take advantage of outdoors, some people struggle to keep up their exercise routines, but not you!

photo credit: Alexandros Gabrielsen

Like I wrote last month, CrossFit is a many-sided discipline. There is absolutely nowhere that you can’t do CrossFit. In fact, while at CrossFit Metropolis we typically use some piece of equipment every day, you don’t need any equipment to get in a good workout — just watch the hordes of people running that Central Park loop at any moment.

We can look to for reassurance. In July, posted 3 workouts that required no equipment whatsoever, not even a pull-up bar. They were as follows:

Saturday 170722 – Swim as far as possible in 30 minutes

Friday 170707 – 8 rounds of: Run 400 meters, rest 90 seconds

Sunday 170702 – 5 rounds for time of: Swim 200 meters, rest 2 minutes

Of course you may not be near a pool or body of water, but you can always do push-ups, sit-ups, burpees, broad jumps, and practice your handstand walks. Remember “Terry“?

If you have some equipment, even better! Find a pull-up bar, a dumbbell, or a kayak, and the possibilities are endless. I personally love the challenge of creating a good wod when traveling with limited equipment.

There are also a bunch of travel workouts posted on our website. What’s conspicuous about this list is how simple these workouts are, sometimes brutally so. You don’t need to do 5 rounds of this, that, and the kitchen sink. Sometimes one movement by itself has all the stimulus you need, as in the workouts above.

Travel is not an excuse to be sedentary, it’s the very opposite. Use your fitness to enjoy the great outdoors even more! Run, bike, swim, and paddle. It’s all CrossFit.

Be like Chi. Chi has run nine 5k’s so far this year. Did you know that’s the most popular workout on That’s right, “Run 5k”. Next time you’re somewhere pretty, see if you can beat him. His record is 25:04.

Upcoming Events

Saturday, August 12th – Park WOD! The daily workout will take place in Central Park. A classic “girl” wod, it might even be one of our benchmarks on the leaderboard!

Saturday, August 19th – Bring a friend day – This is your chance to show your friends or loved ones how you spend so many hours of each week. Bring a friend to any class and throw down with them — the workout is open to members and new faces alike!

This Month’s Focus: The Humble Push-Up


The push-up is probably the best upper body movement. You can do it anywhere. It’s extremely functional, whether we’re talking about getting your body up off the floor or pushing something away from you. It’s not sexy, and in CrossFit we don’t always give it the attention it deserves.

This month, let’s give the push-up some love, and reap the rewards of doing so. Especially if this is a movement you struggle with, getting comfortable with bigger and bigger sets of push-ups will go a long way toward your core and upper body fitness.

Let’s do 1000 push-ups, all together. Here’s the plan:

Date PUs Date PUs Date PUs
1 – Tues 20 11 – Fri 34 21 – Mon 50
2 – Wed 21 12 – Sat Rest 22 – Tues 51
3 – Thurs 22 13 – Sun Rest 23 – Wed 52
4 – Fri 23 14 – Mon 40 24 – Thurs 53
5 – Sat Rest 15 – Tues 41 25 – Fri 54
6 – Sun Rest 16 – Wed 42 26 – Sat Rest
7 – Mon 30 17 – Thurs 43 27 – Sun Rest
8 – Tues 31 18 – Fri 44 28 – Mon 60
9 – Wed 32 19 – Sat Rest 29 – Tues 61
10 – Thurs 33 20 – Sun Rest 30 – Wed 62
31 – Thurs 101

We’ll often throw these push-ups into the day’s warm-up, so if you show up to class, you can plan on getting them done then, or right after. If you aren’t coming to class, you’ll need to do them on your on time if you want to get to 1000.

Feel free to jot this schedule down, but be aware that push-ups may appear in some of the daily workouts. If they do, that day’s number might change, but as long as you’re checking the blog and hitting your number, you won’t fall behind. Stick with the group, keep recording your push-ups, and we will all get to 1000 together.

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Happy Training!



  1. Below are city pools that are open for free lap swim. Most offer swims from 7AM to 8:30AM and 7PM and 8:30PM.

    19th and 23rd Drive

    Downtown Pool
    Hamilton Fish (Pitt and Houston)

    Asser Levy (23rd and FDR)

    John Jay – 77th and York​

    Thomas Jefferson
    112th and 1st

    Lasker Pool
    Central Park North

  2. 1000 push-ups!? YEEEHAWWW!