December Newsletter

Metropolis Newsletter
December 2017

Baby it’s cold outside…

With winter upon us, now is a great chance to dial in our fitness. Sure, the holidays can pull us away from exercise, and we shouldn’t skimp on hitting the slopes, but otherwise, dark mornings and evenings are the perfect time to hit the gym and get some gainz…

Whatever it takes to get you to the gym, do it. If you’re a morning gym-goer but need a boost, get one of those alarm clock coffee makers. Or just find your winter ’17/’18 pump up song. Here are three thoughts to meditate on to help you stay focused this winter and be proud of what you’ve accomplished come spring.

  1. Exercise relieves SAD.
    We all know exercise makes us feel good. Stave off the winter blues at the gym!
  2. Staying active in the winter makes you special.
    Most people are far less active in the winter than they are in the summer. But for a CrossFitter, the cold weather is no excuse not to stay active, if anything, it’s a chance to be more focused on CrossFit. Don’t worry though, we’re not hunkering down inside. We’re still going to run. Running in the cold makes you extra special.
  3. The CrossFit Open is coming sooner than you think.
    It starts it March, 2018. Your test of fitness. Get excited about it. Throw your hat in with the best and the rest, and see how you stack up. If you’ve gotten even a little bit stronger, faster, or more skilled, you can show off those gains in March.

Upcoming Events


Holiday Party – Thursday, December 21st at Genesis

Secret Santa – Due Thursday! Sign up here before December 7th!

Holiday Throwdown – Morning of Saturday, December 16th

Upcoming Benchmarks

This month, we’re planning on retesting our 1rm front squat, Elizabeth, and Nasty Girls… lots of barbell work on tap!

This Month’s Focus: The Pull-Up


This month is a repeat of April’s skill of the month: The Pull-Up…

… Or as Coach Glassman likes to call it, the “upper body squat”.

Remember, when it comes to broad tests of fitness, you are only as strong as your weakest link. For many of us, that weak link is upper body strength.

This month, we’re gonna do a lot of pull-ups in the WOD. Show up, and you’ll get stronger.

Great reads from the web

Restorative Modalities for Weightlifters – Greg Everett’s honest thoughts on some of the recovery methods out there.

MakeMe – this is a great app, and while it could use a little more polishing, it could be a great way to get your friends onboard with a short term goal you have, like mobilizing more, eating healthy, or just showing up to the gym!

Happy Training!