February Newsletter

Metropolis Newsletter
February 2017

The open is coming!

It’s CrossFit Christmas! Every week, the sadists at HQ give us a new workout, and every weekend we put the pedal to the metal. There are many reasons to sign-up for the CrossFit Open, and here are just a few:

“I love the energy of doing the open workouts at Metropolis. It is like having throwdowns every week for five weeks.  It builds such a sense of community to watch the announcements, strategize, execute your plan, and cheer on everyone else.  I also like comparing myself to people across the country, including my badass crew friends from college.” – Liz Z.

“All the training I’ve been doing all year, this will show my strengths and weaknesses. Even though you will see me struggle, I  guarantee you I won’t quit.” – JCash

As for me: I worked hard this year to get stronger, faster, and better. It’s going to be a pleasure to put myself to the test and see how I improve. And the workouts are just plain fun.

Being a CrossFitter without competing is like being a runner without ever racing. (That makes you a jogger by the way, which is totally fine.)

Sign up here.

Seriously, sign up. Let’s suffer together.


Upcoming Events

Twosome Throwdown – February 4th at 9:30am.

CrossFit Open 1st WOD Announcement – February 23rd at 8:00pm.

Bodyweight Skill of the Month


Each month I select one gymnastics skill for you to focus on.

This Month’s Skill: Pick your own goat.

Whether you expect to dominate the Open, or you’re just planning on having a good time, the best thing you can do for your performance, and your fitness, is to identify your biggest weakness and attack it aggressively.

For that reason, I’m not going to pick a skill to focus on this month. You know what skills you struggle with. Pick a progression and do it, at least twice a week. If you want to perform well in the Open, now is the time to work on the following skills, in order of importance:

  • Double unders
  • Chest to Bar Pull-Ups
  • Toes to bar
  • Ring Muscle-Ups
  • Handstand Push-Ups
  • Bar Muscle-Ups

Can’t do most or all of these skills? No worries! Just like we scale these movements in workouts, the Open will offer scaling options as well. The not-so-secret secret is that scaled movements are progressions, designed to build your strength and coordination up so that you can eventually tackle higher skills.

I’ve said this before: Many athletes apply intense and uncomfortable efforts to improve conditioning. Many athletes consistently lift heavy weights to become stronger. Fewer athletes put in the effort required to learn and develop newer, harder movements.

Very few athletes do all three. Be one of the few.


photo credit: gr0uch0, bruce. via photopin (license)

Links to Cool Internet Stuff

The Secret to 17.1 by Mike Warkentin

VIDEO: How to compete in the Open from CrossFit.com

Happy Training!



  1. Just signed up!!! Let’s gooooooooooooo!!!

  2. Just signed up!

  3. I just signed up.

  4. You can get free entry if you buy nano 7’s on reebok.com.

  5. It’s official jojo signed up. First TIME EVER for CROSSFIT OPEN. Let it be nice to me….