Friday, March 28th



Workout Of The Day

60 Box Jump buy in


Double Under
Ab-Mat Sit-Up

60 Box Jump cash out

* There is no rest between the box jumps and Annie.
* Post time to comments.


  1. 60 BJ’s
    Annie rx’d
    0 BJ’s

    Thanks for making me finish Annie, ELove! First girl RX in the book!

    Left shoulder is a little funny today and couldn’t push-up. Fingers crossed for tomorrow..

  2. 13:55

  3. 21:30 RX

  4. Welcome to the last CF Open WOD!
    14.5 includes thrusters and bar facing burpees. Please remember that you as a competitor are responsible for knowing the movement standards. You can review them here:

    Some highlighted points:
    -thrusters start with barbell on the ground, and you may squat clean your first thruster
    -during your thruster, your hip crease must pass below your knees and end in a full lockout with arms, knees, and hips fully extended with barbell overhead
    -burpees MUST be performed perpendicular to and facing the barbell (hence the name)
    -chest and thighs must touch the ground on each burpee
    -you MUST jump over the bar with two feet and land on two feet. one-foot jumping and stepping over is not allowed.

    Remember to have integrity in your workouts so you can be proud of your score. Judges, don’t be afraid to no-rep. Sometimes the athlete is so tired, they don’t realize what they are doing wrong!

  5. 15:01 rx’d

    Big thanks to Ambrose for letting some of us join housewives hour!

  6. This housewife, missing her 10am crew, had to workout solo I’m the hotel gym

  7. Damn autocorrect – in the hotel gym. I am not a hotel gym. Sorry for the confusion.

  8. I’m about to max out on my posting allowance but my workout didn’t post!!

    100 jumping jacks
    100 mountain climbers
    50 air squats

    2 sets one min each side:
    DB side lunges with curl and press
    Single arm kb rows
    Sit-ups with kb overhead press

    6 min 30 sec on 30 sec rest
    35 lb kb swings
    1 min push-ups

    DB thrusters

  9. @Dara missed you today!

  10. Playa Guiones, Nosara, Costa Rica
    10 days
    WOD – Surf every day

    Also, killed two scorpions in our hotel room.

    Look forward to seeing everyone at CFM next week!

  11. 18:08 BJ Annie

    I got DU’s! (some DU’s still got me though).

  12. Cash in: Fly to Syracuse
    As many saturated fats as possible in three days
    1,456,241 grams as rx’ed
    Cash out: sit on grounded plane for as long as possible on way home

  13. Melissa TruHero says:

    @Dara, nice one!
    @Dave M, that sounds amazing! Looking forward to having both of you back!

    Prescribed Wod for me today is an epsom salt bath and ankle mobilizing. My first Open has been a blast, getting fully sucked into the craze and the community coming together has been awesome. Can’t wait to get back to strength training though!

    Good luck to everyone on 14.5!

  14. Fun WOD with the real housewives of CFM.

    18:53. Is there Rx for this workout? If so, I’m down!!

  15. 15:43 RX

  16. ledbelly says:

    17:32 rx’d

  17. 18:58 Rx’ed

    DU’s felt really solid today! Thanks for the awesome tips Eroc!! :)
    Totally PR’ed my DU’s too!!

  18. 13:50 rxed

  19. 14.5..

    Good luck guys.. this one blows.

  20. 14:41 subbed KBS for box jumps

  21. 14:59

  22. 16:38rx

  23. 17:57 butttttt I didn’t do the DU, singles for one min instead. Still learning

  24. 18:21 with 1 min practice DU (learning) and Lil stepping stool for box jumps..need to get over fear of falling flat on my face. Great workout overall 😉

  25. amandajnz says:

    subbed double unders for practice DU’s started getting the semi-hang of it by the end.
    escaped baboon behind from the abmat sit-ups courtesy of the thick black mat.

    great class and tips from Eric for DU’s.