Getting Started


STEP 1: Check us out! 

Free Newbie Class on Saturdays @12:30PM

This class is open to everyone to get a sample of what CrossFit Metropolis is all about.  We’ll walk you through some of the basic principles behind the CrossFit Program and give you a taste of the goods.  You’ll also get a chance to meet some of our coaching staff, ask questions and learn more about our gym.  This class is appropriate for all fitness levels.

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STEP 2: Complete our Pre-requisite Crash Course

Before joining, all members need to complete one of our “Crash Course” sessions.  During the Crash Course you will be introduced to a series of barbell lifts and establish a set of basic skills prior to attending group sessions.  We offer several types of Crash Course options (see below) based on your current experience and fitness level.

Option A) Group “Crash Course”:
Athletes with a basic level of training experience and reasonable mobility begin with our Group Crash Course.  Our Group Crash Course is a 2 to 3-hour review of fundamental movements taught in a small group setting. We run the group Crash Course on Sundays by appointment.

Option B) Personalized “Crash Course”:
Want a little more personal attention?  The Group Crash Course doesn’t work for your schedule?  We offer a personalized variation of our Crash Course for these situations.  The same material will be covered but at a slower, personalized pace to fit your schedule.  This can be completed in a single 3-hr session, or three 1-hr sessions.

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STEP 3: Sign up and get after it!

After completion of your pre-requisite Crash Course you can sign up for any of our membership packages and begin attending group classes.  Be prepared for anything; but most of all show up, make friends and enjoy!

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