October Newsletter

Metropolis Newsletter
October 2017

Teamwork makes the dream work

The first week of the Team Series is in the bag, and I’m having a blast. My favorite moments so far have been with the newbies. It’s been a blast watching some folks who have barely gotten their feet wet dive head-first into these creative workouts, grunt it out, tear some callouses, and high-five when it’s all over.

This is what CrossFit is all about.

When it was announced that the Team Series would be a two-person event this year, I knew right away that I was going to program all of the team workouts at CrossFit Metropolis. The new format meant that it would be much easier to form teams and to manage classes, but…

Obviously, coordinating with a partner is harder than going solo! It’s hard enough to get to class alone sometimes, let alone get there consistently with another busy human. On top of that, there’s the challenge of working out with someone of a (slightly or much) different ability level.

These are never challenges we will never shy away from, because the rewards of throwing down with a friend are too great, and the adaptations of humility, cooperation, and positivity too valuable. CrossFit can be done alone, in a basement, with fairly limited equipment. But it wouldn’t feel like the CrossFit you and I love. Here’s are some moments I’ve loved so far:

  • Lina and Lauren ripping their hands doing more toes to bar than the sum of all their past experience just to complete a workout.
  • Mickey pushing Chris to rest no more than 5 seconds at a time between wallballs.
  • Alejo and Ashley wodding with a cold just for the sake of competition.
  • Rob and Alice doing all four workouts in a single day, because neither will let the other back out.
  • Katie putting 100% effort into syncing her wallballs with Darcy putting 100% effort into reaching the 9ft target.
  • Johanna and Elena dominating the pregnant category.

Keep up the great work everyone! If you haven’t been able to attend as many of the team workouts as you’d like, lean on a friend. Get someone’s number and text them to do it with you, you’ll be glad you did!

Upcoming Events

Bring a friend day – October 7th – This is another chance to bring a friend by the trop. Invite whomever and share the love!

Fall Social – TBD

Halloween Throwdown – October 28th

Upcoming Benchmarks

This month, we’re planning on retesting Diane, Cindy/Mary, and our one rep max bench press. Three very different tests. Let’s see some gainz.

This Month’s Focus: The Handstand Push-Up


Following up on our wildly successful month of a thousand push-ups, this month, we’ll apply some of our newfound strength in a new plane. Bring on the handstand push-ups.

Getting inverted introduces a new skill element to the push-up, one that doesn’t exist with your feet on the ground. Gainz can be made purely through practice and reflection, especially when kipping is added to the mix. That being said, some amount of prerequisite strength is necessary, and no amount is redundant. Especially if you’re struggling with the skill of kipping or merely staying on the wall, you should continue to build your raw pushing strength with push-ups and pike push-ups, when those become doable.

Personally, I like to alternate between doing these strict and kipping, but that’s just my preference. As with CrossFit generally, you’ll progress fastest by focussing on what you most struggle with, which in this case means more kipping practice and balance work for the stronger guys who haven’t quite found that rhythm, and more push-ups and pike push-ups for the ladies who can kip a few but can’t rep ’em out strict.

This month, we’ll work these in isolation, and in metcons. If you want to see some real progress, spend an extra 10 minutes twice a week either practicing a difficult variant or repping out a more manageable pushing movement.

Remember, this isn’t just a party trick or a CrossFit skill. Balance, strength and mobility are key elements in your fitness, and a solid handstand push-up is a cheap and effective way to build and demonstrate that fitness.

Great reads from the web

Rx Gone Wrong – from the CrossFit Journal… food for thought: “Not finishing a workout under the time cap is scaling.”

Team Power – from the CrossFit HQ Media Team… special things happen when you wod with friends.

Happy Training!