This Week’s Schedule – week of Aug 24

This week’s schedule is below.  Please note slight changes this week for Evening Skills and Drills. 

Morning Skills and Drills:  Tues and Thurs 6:30AM at Pinetum.
Evening Skills and Drills:  Tues and Thurs 6:30PM at Pinetum.
Bootcamp:  Saturday at 10AM at Pinetum.

Crash Course:
Session 5 w Fried:  Monday at 6PM at Pinetum.
Session 1&2 w Newbies:  Tues and Thurs at 7:30PM at Pinetum.
Oly Session 1 w Fried & Brick: Wed at 6PM at Pinetum.

Bootcamp Photos

The rain held off for us this morning and we had a great team WOD today.  Big CF Metropolis welcome to Aaron and Michael who came out for their first CrossFit taste test.  We broke into teams of two (Aaron and Fried, Michael and ELove) with each person completing one round, while one person rested; alternating rounds for as many rounds as possible as a team in 20 minutes. 

20 minute AMRAP of:
5 Burpees
10 Box Jumps
15 Air Squats

Photos below.  I think my team won by default, because the other team forgot how many rounds they did!  Post to Comments.

Thursday Skills and Drills

Awesome turnout for this evenings Skills and Drills.  Welcome to newbies Justin and Jordan.  Hope to see you guys again.  Nice group photos below.  Post version/number of rounds/thoughts to Comments.

Strength/skill work:  Pullup

20 minute AMRAP
5 Burpees
10 K2E
30 Double Unders

5 Burpees
5 K2E/Knee Raise
15 DU

Lois Lane:
5  Burpees
5 Knee Raise
5 Tuck Jumps

Wednesday Crash Course

Latest installment of the Crash Course with Fried last evening.  A little threat of rain, but in the end, pretty solid weather.  We introduced the Burgener Warm-up and the High Hang Power Snatch with PVC.  Matt picked it up quickly.  Create momentum and elevation on the bar through the hips.  Arms are along for the ride.  We finished with “7-7-7”.

For time:
7 rounds of
7 Hang Power Snatch w PVC
7 Overhead Squat w PVC
7 Burpees

Tuesday Skills and Drills

Mike and Kiley came out this evening for a little action in the humidity.  After a warmup we did some skill/strength work on V-Ups and Knees to Elbows.  We then made up a WOD from last week that everybody missed out on; Barbara, a real beauty!  Sorry gents, no photos, my camera is on the fritz. 

5 rounds for time of:
20 Pullups
30 Pushups
40 Situps
50 Air Squats

5 rounds for time of:
20 Swing Rows
20 Pushups
20 Situps
20 Air Squats