Saturday CF Open WOD #2

Wrapping up my triple extension series… Elove shows us how the big boys throwdown!

Let’s get busy with wod #2 of the CrossFit Open!!

30 Snatch (M 75 / F 45 lbs)
30 Snatch (M 135 / F 75 lbs)
30 Snatch (M 165 / F 100 lbs)
Max Rep Snatch (M 210 / F 120 lbs)

For the intermediate/novice division

30 Snatch (M 75/F 45)
30 Snatch (M 95/F 55)
30 Snatch (M 115/F 65)
Max Rep Snatch (M 135/F 75)
This workout begins from the standing position. The athlete will complete all reps at the first weight before advancing to the next weight. Score is total reps completed in 10min.

WOD will be run at all KHour sessions this Saturday, March 4
Some of our Firebreathers will be performing the WOD at CFSBK – Best of luck to Liz, Jared,  and EJ
**Everyone will be a competitor and a judge at some point** 

As a Judge:
  • The same barbell must be used for the entire workout and they may not receive assistance when changing the loads. 
  • Using additional pre-loaded barbells is not permitted.

  • This workout begins from the standing position with the barbell loaded to the starting weight. In the Snatch, the barbell goes directly from the ground to overhead in one motion without stopping at the shoulders. This can be a muscle snatch, a power snatch, a squat snatch or a split snatch. A clean and jerk is not permitted.
  • The barbell begins on the ground. Touch and go is permitted. No bouncing.
  • If in a division that begins with an empty barbell, each repetition must begin with the barbell below the knees.
  • The barbell must come to full lockout overhead with the hips, knees and arms fully extended, and the bar directly over the heels.
  • Each judge will be given an index card. Please write the competitor’s name on one side. On the back, please tally the total reps and CIRCLE THE FINAL NUMBER. Please write legibly!!
  • After the WOD – there will be a designated area to place your cards. These card will be picked up by me/Brooke to log onto the excel sheet.
  • If you registered for our internal competition you will have until MONDAY at 8pm to submit your scores. You do so by e-mailing myself and Brooke.
    If you do not complete the WOD at the gym on Saturday, you should e-mail Brooke ( and I ( with your score.

As a Competitor:
Every rep counts! Stay focused and use those hips! Some mobility help from KStar
Good luck!!


  1. brandy.pearson says:

    Went with intermediate/novice scaling at my home box in Texas, and finished at 61. PR@65 after several failed attempts with 4 seconds left! Big thanks to EJ for the revised scale–we used it down here for last night’s classes. Good luck to everyone today!! Miss y’all!!

  2. 12.2 Snatches
    75 = 30
    95 = 30 (old 1RM was 100lbs so happy as all hell with this number)
    115 = 1 deadlift – 🙂

    TOTAL = 60

    Thanks Alex for the technique reminders and encouragement. Awesome job by you!

  3. LCW 34

    Open Wod 12.2
    Scaled at 75 lbs x 30 reps, 95 lbs x 21 reps = 51.

    Nick put it nicely… “Snatches are like golf. When you’re learning them most of the time you shank it and struggle through the movement, but once in a while everything comes together, it’s so easy, and you ask yourself, how did I do that?”

    So true! Getting better at snatches will come from increases in strength (the ability of muscle to apply force), increase in power (force over time), and coordination (multiple muscle movements applied towards a singular movement). Let the journey continue!

  4. 30 @ 75, failed a few at 115, remaining time at 95 for 16 I believe. Am not stoked but recognize a lot of work to do. Nice work everyone

  5. Overslept and missed the Yoga class that I was looking forward to all week. Motivated and got myself to Crossfit Westchester. Cindy… so I goated someone into doing it with me with 20 lbs weighted vests.

    12 rounds, 5 pullups and 5 pushups. Happy to say, every round of pullups unbroken. The pushups with the vest after yesterday were brutal.

    I am doing the 12.2 WOD (scaled version) tomorrow at noon. If anyone wants to do it with me. I am brining the entire family into the City for this. Should be some fun.

    Have a good weekend all. And, Snatch well my friends.

  6. 34 rx’d
    I was hoping to get more, but considering my 1 rep max previously was 115, I’m happy. Got one other rep over my head, but my arms weren’t locked out and had to press it up a little bit.

  7. Open WOD 12.2: 69 reps as rx’d

    Thanks ed santos and mark jansen for the motivation.

  8. 56 scaled.
    95lbs is a PR so to do it 26 times was encouraging.

  9. 60 reps Rx’d

    Nice work Mark, Nick, and Brad. You guys put up some solid numbers.

  10. 61 reps rxd.

  11. nprofita says:

    61 reps rxd.

  12. 62 for the scaled wod…. So 30 rx. I really forgot about getting under the bar during the round at 95, wasted to much time and energy. I may redo this tomorrow. Felt more comfortable with the movement as time went on. Thanks for keeping me going Brad, u were a beast today.

  13. 64 scaled
    VERY happy with this considering I’ve never done any snatch with more than 42lbs before! And in warmup, 55 felt really heavy and I couldn’t even get ONE at 65. I knew 65 would be mental. If I got the first one, I’d be able to get more; if not – done. Glad I got the first!!
    Thanks for all the encouragement in the back of the room! Everyone did an awesome job

    And….Great job on your first WOD Gia!! You’re going to do great things at CFM. Welcome 🙂

  14. patrick says:


    135lbs seemed so heavy after that first 30.

  15. 41 rx’d

    thoughts: I did mostly power snatches at 75 and then at 135, I would basically muscle the bar up. It was ugly, but the heat of competition really perpetuated my horrible form. I knew I could “snatch” if I basically got the bar above my clavicle and then I would press it overhead. It was ugly.

    I look forward to working on this movement more in the future, because I know I could do it cleanly at 135#, but have never done this movement heavy.

    I like how the open really shows you where your weaknesses are.

  16. maryseem says:

    63 scaled

    Felt my grip/forearms go more than anything else.

    Had previously not done anything more than 40# for any type of snatch. Woohoo!

  17. sassypants says:

    61 scaled.

    is anyone doing this tomorrow? i may try again. very disappointed in my performance–missed my goal by 9 reps. my snatches have looked better.

  18. maryseem says:

    Also, big thank you to Alicia and Jeanine for cheering/counting/motivating!

  19. plugpilot says:

    @ Jared – mine were the same. Ripped the bar of the ground and to about eye level and then pressed it out from there. Based on the rules I’m pretty sure they count, but they weren’t pretty.

    I’m really wanting to work the basic oly lifts and work up to heavier weights for the next few months.

    Got 40

  20. Mary, you rocked it today! Congrats on all the PRs!

    Same to Jeanine who got 32 last night rx’d and redid the wod to get 35 today rx’d! Yay!

  21. ashleigh says:

    66 scaled

    I really liked this workout 🙂

  22. Really never snatched before so used little weight and had Rafael coaching me on form. Did 30 at 45 lbs and 27 at 65 lbs. Learned how to use hips to elevate bar but still haven’t mastered bending or getting body under bar. Could have muscled up more weight but would have been pointless since I need to perfect my form.

  23. 48 rx’ed

    one of those feel real good days due to crossfit… reps started clicking and just got smoother and smoother… thankfully didn’t have to muscle any out and shoulders are very much feeling good

    awesome energy once again for 12.2!

  24. 46 as rx’d. Snatch is scary.

  25. 41 rx’d

  26. those of you who are doing the CF Games, please be sure to log your information on the games site so your score can be validated

    Those of you doing the Intermediate/Novice division, please e-mail me ( I won’t be able to get to the gym this weekend to get your scores, so this will help me get things up for Monday

    Nice job everyone!

  27. wod 11.2. 7 rounds. Did 8+deads last year, pushups were STICKY.

    Great work everyone! Love the energy in the box this am.

  28. alexsnape says:

    58 scaled. Should have broken 50, but I went to slow during the first round.

    Great job too, Joe. Thanks for the good coaching.

  29. 60 scaled. Tempted to do this again tomorrow, but may just move on. I paced myself too much on the 55lbs and didn’t have time to load the bar for 65. Hmm…

    Big thanks to Katie for counting and Amylynne for keeping me motivated!!

  30. Anthony Fleming says:

    Total: 62

    115 is a PR

  31. phillipc says:

    55 scaled. Aggression was key for me – I found my last two reps were two of my better ones because I really walloped the bar with my hips

  32. ERIC S. says:

    52 Rx’ed

    First of all great job to the 60+ club!
    Big Brian
    Team Nick
    You guys were an inspiration to us all. And I just want to second with what Dlede said “a feel good day” at CF Metropolis. Great energy today from everyone.

  33. Jeanine says:

    First of all – Alicia only came this morning just to support me in my second attempt at this Rx’ed. I have no words for what that means to me. I just got back from the Craft Beer Festival so I might be more emotional that usual but still 🙂 BUt many thanks to her and mary for cheering and counting.

    Having a previous PR of 62# for this lift, my goal for this was 65 reps and I hit that. I realized my hands were not wide enough and once I ‘got that’ I was hitting them. Now I want to try again tomorrow….

  34. bfarrel says:

    60 reps as rx’d.

    Disappointed I didn’t get the 61st rep, but I’ll take the 60. It’s shocking how fast your “pop” and shoulders go in this workout.

    Great atmosphere this morning. Levi, Team Nick, Janitor and Dave, awesome work. This was about as much fun as you could have with a snatch.

    Inspiring workouts all around. Alicia, it was great counting your reps last night. To see you hit your PR 16 times in a WOD is impressive – well done!

  35. 51 reps scaled

  36. MStacia says:

    64 scaled. I felt pretty good, but would have liked to do more. Glad to be back after a week long work trip!

  37. 40 RX

  38. Valbona says:

    30 rx and 62 for the scaled. I love the energy in the gym during a competition and the music to bring it all together.

    I think I was mostly muscling up the 45 and at 55 realized I needed to start using the hips. Form did get better during this round and then it was just a race against the clock for the last 2.

    Next time: focus on bringing the bar up quickly from the hips and then quickly getting under it.

    Great work everyone!! Inspirational to see everyone give it their all!

  39. Jeanine says:

    And by 65 reps I meant 35 reps 🙂

  40. “SNATCHES”

    30 at 75lbs
    30 at 135lbs
    14 at 165lbs

    For a grand total of 74

    I had a game plan to reach 80 but those 165ers felt much heavier than I expected. I didn’t think the light ones would have taken so much steam out of me. I missed about 5 or six of them which is what killed my dreams of 80.

    I am going to do this one again and film it so I can see what my errors are.


  41. 52 rx’d tough!

  42. ledbelly says:

    57 rx’d 45 or them were ugly