Saturday, February 4th

The gym opens at 9:30am. Heat 1 starts at 10:00!

Partner Throwdown!

Goat Relay

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes:
60 Double Unders
30 Wallballs, 20/14
15 Toes to Bar

Partners alternate rounds.

Amazing Grace

Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes:
30 Clean and Jerk, 95/65
30 Clean and Jerk, 135/85
30 Clean and Jerk, 165/105
30 Clean and Jerk, 215/135

Partners share one barbell.


  1. I am a free agent and need to be assigned a partner plz. You can find me @ 9:30 learning how to do double unders 😐

    • Team Struggle Bus with Craig from N.C. aka the ringer

      4+107 ( I did singles)

      67 reps Rx. 165 is my 1RM on paper so prob can go higher now.

      Good work Craig. Way to overcome the fact we got all the wrong plates.

  2. 5+61 and 73 rx’ed with Ed S.

  3. Team Rad with Andy


    C+J 56 RX

  4. Team Old Balls with Patrick

    Wod 1: 3+something

    Wod 2: 84 reps

  5. OG today?

  6. Michele Adler says:

    Guys! I’m sad I missed out – currently battling the plague. Sounds like you did great, hope to be back soon!

  7. Slackers Anonymous with Sally

    WOD #1
    2 + 104 (I think)
    Sally did RX. I scaled T2B to leg raises

    WOD #2
    79 RX
    ^^^ This workout might be the most fun I’ve ever had @ crossfit.

  8. Happy birthday Matt!!

  9. Team Innocence and Experience
    GR: 6+65rx
    AG: 93 reps total
    – probably could’ve done some more doubles/triples at 165, 215 wasn’t terrible

  10. Team Blonde Dumplings
    GR 2 + 101

    AG 70RX

  11. Solo throwdown
    WOD 1: 2+60 rx resting the amount of time previous round took me to complete
    WOD 2: 37 rx (15 x 95#x, 15×135#s, 7 x 165#s)

  12. Team Thunder & Lightning

    GR: 4+34 Rx
    AG: 86 reps total
    Had 4 more to go in the RD of #105
    T2B not good performance

    Teammate and I did 2nd heat to see how far we can go at
    #135 Rekas crushed it. I cleaned it but could not jerk it for the life of me. 6 cleans #135

    BIG time BRUNCH…

    Press: 5×1
    OLY: clean +hang clean + split Jerk

    EMOM 10 min (worked technique)
    1: Clean +hang clean split Jerk #85

    EMOM 6 min T2B cycled (rekas not happy with me at this point)

    Now more FOOD and Beer!

    Happy birthday Matt, a great day!

  13. Team No Scrubs with Jon
    GR – 5 + 86 (I think?).
    AG – 90. Finished 165 with 30 seconds and got a clean at 215 but to gassed to get it up.

  14. PlayGurlPattyG says:

    Team DoneAway with Jen
    Goat Relay was an intense Do sSi Do: grab a partner, get a rope, find a bit of wall and a ball, get a judge now go!! Now get to that Bar!! 2R + 78(i believe)
    Amazing Grace 58 Phew!!!

    Best Day Ever!!! Happy Birthday Matt!!! 🎂

  15. Thunder & Lightning!
    Goat – 4+34rx
    Amazing Grace -86 reps (4 away from 135)
    Finished up and did 12 more c&j @135 as a team! Fun!

    BS: 5×5 @ 135#
    3×5 bar behind the neck presses (squat)
    5′ emom of T2B w/JoJo

  16. Pinky and the brain with Ada, MVP of the team for doing all the cleans
    Second: 68

  17. Team Blonde Dumplings (thanks seda!)

    Goat Relay 2 + 101 (i did knee raises, Roberts Rx!)

    Amazing Grace 70RX

  18. crushed with Darcy
    goat relay: 3+74 rx
    amazing grace: 68 reps total

    Back Squat 5×3
    —155# across
    *superset with UB T2B

    5min EMOM:
    5 BS (hit the bottom) @115#

    Strict Press:

  19. Daughters of Anarchy after our favorite show

    3 +134 I think
    Loved the 2nd wod

    Katie we are so doing this again

  20. GR: 3+74Rx
    AG: 78 reps
    Thanks to my partner Alice for doing all C&J @105# 💪🏼
    Having the birthday boy as a Judge was the best part! 😜😡

  21. Team Bean (Jun and Caleb)
    GR: 2 rounds
    AG: 55reps? 135lb showed both of us who was boss… Room for growth.

    GR was the toughest anaerobic workout I’ve had the displeasure of experiencing in a long time. Thanks CF Metro!!

  22. Such a fun morning teaming up with Elena!