Sunday, March 30th, 2014


Complete as many rounds as possible in 25 minutes of:
11 Chest To Bar Pull-Ups
2 Deadlifts
10 Handstand Push-Ups
205/315 lb.


  1. 14.5 before work; 17:01. All by myself was torture. Thrusters fine, burpees terrible!

  2. amandajnz says:

    6 rounds but a total mix up of modifications (HSPU w/abmat and alternating rounds w/push-ups, banded pull-ups) worked on form today w deadlifts so didn’t come close to the RX weight but still v challenging and a great class as always

  3. Hang Squat Snatch practice with Allie, Alicia and Andrew (I ruined the A name party!)

    Worked up to 58# before it turned into a hot mess… which is still better than I was doing 6 months ago.

  4. Zimmerman – 5rnds + 11ctb pull ups Rx
    (Pull ups strict)

  5. ~ 7 modified rounds.
    HSPU with assistance from Brendan #13-15 in all
    Alt with regular pushups #55
    pull-ups with all different bands based on the growing exhaustion
    deadliest with 140lbs.

    baby steps…

  6. Open gym- Fridays wod

    60 box jumps
    60 box jumps

    About 17:11. Rope broke in middle of wod and had to get another one

    Awesome job to everyone who did 14.5 today!!

  7. Jack (w/ Patrick):
    20 minute AMRAP of 10 PP (115#), 10 KB (1.5 pood), 10 BJ (24″):
    9 lethargic rounds, rx’d.

  8. Benjammin says:

    14.5- 15:02

    boom! Done! Open is over. Best $20 I ever didn’t spend

  9. 14.5-15:27…woof!

  10. 14.5 – 15:17. thrusters unbroken, schooled by burpees.
    project toilet unclog continues

  11. ~ 6 rounds with a lot of modifications:
    Headstand pushups w Brendan’s help and alternating rounds w regular pushups, banded pull-ups, and light weight for deadlifts to focus on form.
    Great class but very hard class since I couldn’t do much w.o assistance. Thanks again Brendan for the help on the headstand pushups.

  12. 14.5
    Thanks eroc for the coaching!! Wanted to drop that bar sooo many times but that man kept me going.

  13. 10am class at Crank, followed by hardcore nap. Very proud my Benedict Cumberbatch shirt made the blog. Probably my favorite item of clothing.

  14. 14.5 at Open Gym: 23:45 Rx

    Man that WOD was hard! Thank you such much for everyone at OG cheering and pushing!!

  15. Another Crossfit Open Season is over! Congratulations to everyone who gutted it out, hit some PR’s and worked their butts off! Now we can turn our attention to cheering on Eroc at his Regionals! =)

    did 14.5 at open gym today: 22:01
    a real gut check, literally, but happy to be done. thank you to the numerous supporters who wouldn’t let me quit when I almost did.

    don’t forget to submit your scores, thank your judges, and hope to never have to do 14.5 ever, ever, again blahhh

  16. OG 14.5
    very surprising 21:37… was hoping for 26 mins after asking around and seeing what others did

    Time for the start of baseball season!!

  17. 5+15. RIP Zimmerman