Tuesday, January 24th


“Filthy Fifty”

For time:
50 box jumps, 24/20-inch box
50 jumping pull-ups
50 kettlebell swings,Β 53/35
50 walking-lunge steps
50 knees-to-elbows
50 push presses, 45/35 lb.
50 back extensions on floor
50 wall-ball shots, 20/14-lb. ball
50 burpees
50 double-unders

Compare to 9/10/16. Post time to Comments.


  1. What subs for double unders? I’m not there yet!

  2. If any one is up for this on wed let me know!

  3. A late night (PST) work off some steam hotel recreation

    bench jumpovers
    bounce on bosu ball jump pull ups
    50# DB (russian) swings
    Knees not quite 2 elbow
    2×15# DB thrusters

    Stopped there 😐 lost steam. Stuff involving pull up bars def took the longest. No official timer but somewhere in the neighborhood of 27 mins

  4. 23:59 rx
    Tried to keep up with Alice, but burpees…

  5. 26:46 rx’d

    Tried keeping up with Alice and Rob, but burpees….. and Wallballs…. and KB’s.

  6. 21:37 rx (pr)
    just, tried to. woof.

  7. 31:40 with some scaling along the route. knees to chest, 16lb kb, 10lb wall ball and the rest was rx i think

    Tried keeping up with everyone, but everything prevented that…

  8. Forever and a day rxed

  9. 32:24 rx (pr – never been able to finish this before, so I’ll take it!)

    k2e and burpees were the hardest/longest part. That one hurt.

  10. 23:10 – scaled to 30 reps

  11. Peppermill Reno:

    decent gym, but short on time:

    5 rounds for time:
    5 PU
    5 Dumbbell press at 60#
    5 squats at 135
    row 500


    Rest 2 minutes

    Dumbell C&J at 45 for a total of 30 reps: 3:03

  12. 21:57 Rx
    Tried to catch Alice, but couldn’t. Finished burpees at 21:20 but I was too broken to dub.

  13. 3 rounds for time:
    25 L-sit pullups
    75 air squats
    – 18:00

  14. Michele Adler says:

    So this was tough especially after yesterday’s workout. I. Ink someone is trying to kill us (Matt)
    Anywho, 38:36 subbed 100 single unders bc I can’t do double unders yet. Wall balls are always THE worst for me. Thanks Eric for the encouragement when I wanted to lay down and stay there (Supermans). 😀πŸ’ͺ🏻

  15. DNF in 35min

    Completed 15 of the burpees. The entire thing was a struggle for me. I’d like to blame yesterday and I’m sure that contributed,but mostly i’m just fat and have no cardio

  16. 37:50 Rx

  17. David Perlow says:

    24:30 – scaled to 30 reps

    Did about 15 solid knees to elbows then leg lifts for the rest
    20kg KB
    30 single/double

  18. I caught Alice.

    19:51 Rx

  19. 26:58Rx big PR
    helped that it only took me 6 mins to do the K2E this time compared to at least 10 last time.
    totally died on the WBs and burpees, just tried to keep moving…

  20. 31:28 PR

    39:05 the last time

  21. 33:06
    Step ups
    Knee tucks
    150 singles

  22. 30:01 not Rx because step ups

    2 years ago 2min slower and not Rx because DU’s 😜

  23. Gracie Lyman says:

    filthy forty**


    high box
    blue KB
    knees to elbow were a joke
    120 SU

  24. 34:00
    25 Knees to elbow
    150 single unders BC I was not even attempting DUS after burpees

    I will never do this wod again

  25. 23:23rx

  26. 26:51 Rx – Burpees were hell. took me 5 min

  27. 29:58 and 3 min for HR to come down

  28. 25:34rx
    Wasn’t gonna do it but Deepak talked me into it and it looked like a lot of fun
    1 Min Max Cal-22

  29. 33:12 whew!
    Scaled knees to elbow and 150 singles

  30. 23:28. Burpees took like 5 min probably more… πŸ˜’

  31. 30:51 Rx

    The song in my head: “Just keep swimming…..”

    Things that killed and took forever: K2Es- did them one at a time. Wall balls-did in sets of 5. Burpees-also in sets of 5.

  32. ~hr of shoulder/scap mobility

    pullups of the not jumping variety
    k2e on rings
    sad burpees

  33. 30:41

    last time 38 so figure I would have been it even if it took me 8 min to do an additional k2e.
    Will work to kip those

    Oh shit. Just realized I forgot the pull ups!!! So much for that theory.

    Sorry Melissa…

  34. Filthy fifty done today. A very long 46 minutes! Rx except:
    πŸ˜‚Wall balls at 16lbs (couldn’t find a 14lb ball)
    πŸ˜…Strict knees to elbows because I don’t have the technique yet.
    πŸ€”Subbed 500m row for double unders 1:54.