Wednesday Skills and Drills


3 rounds for time of:
21 GHD Situps
6 Squat Cleans, 175/115
15 Pushups

Post time to Comments.


  1. Adam Van Auken says:

    11:57 @ 145#. Would have been slower but Jared walked in.

  2. 8:45 w 115# and AMS. Should have gone 10-20# heavier. Need to work on hang clean & snatch as I’m still shorting the top 1/3+ of this movement (and then am a small, scared baby about the bottom). Anyway, progress.

  3. Here is what I learned today. The OLY shoes, CWX tights, JACO shorts and wrist wraps add 25 lbs to your clean and 30 degrees to your range of motion.

    On a serious note, 11:35 @ 115 lbs. I started with 135, but it was just a bit too heavy.

    GHDs and Pushups felt real good.

  4. 10:37 at 175# (technically not Rx’d since I did not touch ground on GHD’s with my back problems)

  5. 9:52 @ 145

  6. 10:53

    52# although had planned to go heavier. 1st WOD at 6am in about 2 weeks so maybe body still adjusting.

    Nice work 6am crew and great meeting Trinity too :)

  7. Adam Van Auken says:

    Nice, Jared. Smoked.

  8. 12:50 rx’d.

  9. worked on form adn went light
    12:17 at #115

  10. @mjansen, I’m stoked about the nutrition challenge, but do I really have to sub lamb liver for bread in making a sandwich?!?

  11. if anyone can make the 7 am class, I highly recommend it. As much as I enjoy space and the attention that Eric gives me, I will share that attention if others come along.

    Another selling point is that you see the 6 am class finish and you can see how they did. Then you can work just hard enough to beat whoever you think you are comparable to.

    One more selling point: it is nice to have the night free to eat, read, watch tv, play video games and watch sports.

  12. @ Jared, the 7am class sounds good, expecially if we get to see some trash talking between you and Adam in person!

  13. sassypants says:

    Ladies Only:

    We’re 70! (That’s our combined age, I’ll leave it at that.)

    Rehab and I will be (belatedly) celebrating our birthdays this Saturday at SPiN from 5pm on. Sorry MarkyPooh, no peepee’s allowed. If you are interested in joining us, feel free to email, social network, or chat us up at the gym!

  14. Frank – I noticed your OHS are getting heavier, so you can join in on the morning trash talk.

  15. 8:17

    65# for the first round, 45# for the second two – I really need to work on form
    GHD for first round, sit ups for second two
    Pushups from knees

    The time that I took off has really caught up with me.

  16. sassypants says:

    10:50 @70#

    Pushups are the new pullup.

  17. 6:30 with 65 lb squat cleans

    Should have gone 20-30(?) lbs heavier

  18. 8:40 rx’d #115

    My form needs some clean up.

  19. 11:46
    80# for 2 reps in 1st rnd, then dropped right to 75#. Knee pushups

    Was not feeling 100% today, but needed to get the body moving & the blood flowing. That being said, on the few reps that I totally failed on, I knew it wasn’t because I wasn’t feeling well, but absolutely because of my setup. Brenden & Allison were right on about that, & I knew as soon as I started that I was going to fail
    1st fail: had 1 hand in hook grip, other did not
    2nd fail: back not set
    3rd fail: was leaning too far forward

    2 lessons learned today:
    #1: cursing at the bar does not make the wod any easier
    #2: setup is crucial

  20. 9:30 with 135 and ab mat sit ups, my knee wasn’t feeling so hot tonight

  21. plugpilot says:

    6:59 @ 145

    Looking back a couple months – definitely getting stronger!

  22. daniellep says:

    7:52@42#- prob could have gone heavier, but having some neck pain

    good to be back!

  23. 7:29, 1 round at 105, 2 rounds at 95. Damn chicken legs…. GHD’s unbroken for rounds 1&2, plenty broken in round 3. Push ups all unbroken.

    I need to keep working on form for my squats.

    @ Amylynne….. I TOLD YOU!!

  24. 10:15 @ 95, spent time working on form which I’ve neglected. some progress today

  25. Anthony Fleming says:

    11:45 @ 115lb. Really helped to have the visual coaching and then get to lift immediately after.

    I have one gripe. As we get accustomed to our new space please keep in mind that cleaning up before others have finished is very distracting, especially when we start on a stagger. Use some of that energy to cheer others on, then we can all clean up together. It’s also safer. My 2 cents… But I love the energy in the new digs!

  26. 9:12 @175 LBS.
    Did Knees to Elbows instead of ghd sit ups.
    No GHD at global gym.

  27. Did 42 ab mat sit ups instead of ghd.
    Scaled to 22 on the third round.

    Worked on form upgraded to 22lb bar
    ( thanks Melissa and Laura for the encouragement )
    Did not finish – took it slow to concentrate on form.

    Much thanks to Allison for the extra help on my form!

  28. 7:54 with 135# and GHDs not all the way down because my low back is still tight.

    Really enjoyed the Turkish get ups and hope we can do more of those.

    @ coach b, you can call me Frank the Tank anytime.

  29. 9:23
    60# cleans. Feeling a lot better on these. Prob should have done 65. Next time.

  30. Subbed cleans w front squats
    Did push ups on red boxes to keep my hand from extending


  31. Loved the kb’s in warmup!!

    52 lbs
    Knee push ups


    Form started feeling better and making more sense. Good day.

  32. 11: 58

    115# squat cleans
    Push ups

    Slowly learning how to do the squat cleans properly. Can’t wait for the next WOD that has them.

  33. 10:54 @ 50
    2 for 1 abmat situps, knee pushups

  34. 9:39 @ 115

    never went heavier than 95# before so i felt good, but realized with Brendan’s help that I was using too much arm and not enough hip because it was probably too heavy for me. First few rounds were better than the last but still too much arms. subbed 42 ab mat situps since there was a ghd logjam. Pushups unbroken.
    Good news is I feel really good in the bottom of the squat now.

  35. 11:45 @ 155#.

    I’m liking the pre workout instuctionals.

  36. 6:59 Rx’d, good WOD, Squat cleans felt good, GHD 3rd round was hard! Nice work 730 crew! I agree with Atrain(Anthony) we need to cheer on everyone, be safe, and clean up weights after!

    @PJ, Yes lamb liver! :), no more grains!

    @Karin, I left your umbrella on the table in the middle of the box

    @Rehab, congrats on turning 30!! I didn’t realize we were the same age!!! Anyways Happy Belated Birthday! :), Party starting at 5pm!?!? Hopefully ya’ll can party until at least 10pm!

  37. alexsnape says:

    13:07 @ 95#. I also did GHD sit ups until fail (fail being when my back started to hurt – trying to take it easy on that). First time was 12, then 10, then 8. After that, I did the remainder in regular situps, but double.

  38. alexsnape says:

    13:07 @ 95#. I also did GHD sit ups until fail (fail being when my back started to hurt – trying to take it easy on that). First time was 12, then 10, then 8. After that, I did the remainder in regular situps, but double.

  39. 10:48 rx’ed

    spent a lot of time setting up each clean and felt like I got some great reps in there, even feeling like I was hit by bus before the workout even began, thanks again allison for the feedback

  40. 8:58 rx’d except GHD sit ups which I am just not ready to fuchs with

  41. sassypants says:

    MarkyPooh– kiss my a**.

  42. 7:45 @ 115 lbs
    Scaled GHD to ABMAT sit-ups

  43. 11:43
    2 for 1 abmat situps, knee pushups

    Have to concentrate on hips more than arms on sqwuat cleans

  44. 7:15 rx’d

    too conservative on the cleans

  45. 10:32 50lb, ghd’s Rx, push-ups

  46. 6:56 @ 135lbs, ghd’s all the way through. Sign I should have gone heavier on the cleans. I lost all confidence after the humbling kettle bell warmup – felt like a fish out of water.

  47. 11:43 52lb, GHD, knee push ups

    after the month of December it actually feels like I have never done Crossfit before. Gross.