Wednesday Skills and Drills

Mike on the C2

Against a 12 minute clock:
1000m Row, then in the remaining time complete
As Many Rounds As Possible of:
10 one-arm KB Thrusters (each arm), 1.5/1
20 KB Swings, 1.5/1

Post rounds to Comments.

Mike on the C2


  1. 1000m Row (4:09)

    12kg for the Thrusters (left arm stronger than the right??) RX’d for the KBs. Got through 1+13 KBs

    Small morning 6am crew but Mark and I rocked it! Love the new wall clock!

  2. 3:47 row

    2 rounds + 2 thrusters.

    this was much harder than I thought it would be.

    have a great weekend everybody, I am off to Florida. See you all Monday.

  3. Anthony Fleming says:

    I’m going to be sure to add chicken nuggets to my regular diet…if it’s good enough for the gub’ment it’s good enough for me!!

  4. 3:24 row.

    2 rounds + 10 thrusters. Had to go light today @ 1 pood.

    Nice job 7AM crew!

  5. 3:47 row.

    1 round, 18 KBS

    KB Thrusters @ 12kg
    KB Swings @ 16kg

  6. @CF SFO: “Birthday” Bear complex (someone turned 34). Each complex = power clean, front squat, push press, back squat, push press from back rack, 34 times with no rest. ~80 yard run penalty each time you set bar down. I started w/ 85# for the first half then 75# to finish; 4 penalty runs. Wasted all kinds of time reseting my feet & in hindsight you should prob just pick a stance & keep it the whole way through.

    reason #38 to make the 6AM class: Outdoor WOD as dawn hits Golden Gate bridge.

  7. General Tso, I hate to love you…

    Rest Day and apparently now a Paleo cheat day.

  8. Crossfit Lakewood Ranch
    10 rnds for time 25 min cap
    9 OH squat @ 95/63
    200m run
    9 pushups

    8 rnds @ 55, 18 mins
    Warm weather wods and me don’t mix. Def got pukie. Not to mention we had to do everything outside…stupid beating sun

    50DUs post wod – happy to string together about 15 twice.

  9. Sick

  10. Oh and knee pushups…one of the hardest wods I’ve done

  11. 3:28 1K row

    3 Rounds + 14 total thrusters

  12. 3:29 on the 1K row
    5 kb swings short of two rounds
    kb swings@ 1.5 pood
    thrusters @1 pood
    tough wod but a lot more fun being back at CFM vs. hotel wods

  13. 3:59 row
    2 rounds + 2 thrusters

    12kg for both

    great workout :)

  14. Lcw23

    2:24 on the 1k. New personal best for that.

    12/16 for thrusters / swings. 2 rds and 6 swings.

    @DT I’m coming for you on the rowboat

  15. Row: 4:25

    2 rounds + 10 thrusters @ 12kg

  16. Adam Van Auken says:

    Made up a fun WOD today: Minute intervals work/rest of various exercises at NYSC based on hitting different muscle groups and whatever was available (which was challenging at NYSC at 6 PM). I did this for about 25 minutes and was shot. Knee rehab.

  17. 3:47 Row

    2 Rounds + 8 thrusters Rx’d

  18. First of all HOLY SHIT kpo17(Kevin I think)!!! 2:24 1k ROW???? That’s amazing!!

    Row: 3:56 @ 1pood

    2 rounds + thrusters although my last round of thrusters should not have been counted per Brendan the KB wasn’t tucked enough. Survival mode was my excuse!

  19. Row 3:44. 2 rounds 20 thrusters. 1 pood thrusters. 1.5 poof swings.

    For a 3:20 1k I am on target for about 600 meters then I fall off a cliff. May need to work on the damper setting. maybe it’s muscle endurance. Maybe its just mental fatigue.

  20. First 1k row – around 3:17ish, I stopped once I got to 1k should have kept going until 3:20

    2nd row – 3:25
    3 rounds + 1 thruster with 16kg

    Couldn’t breath after the row

  21. I think kpo broke the world 1K row record! I just looked it up!

  22. sassypants says:

    4:13 on the row
    *should have gone faster based on warmup. got to 940 in 3:50…or perhaps i am a one hit wonder and shouldn’t go so hard in warmup :)

    2rounds rx’d

    ….and now to the beach…

  23. feeling the onset of a cold..and completely felt it during the WOD

    4:14 row – seriously – does this get any easier for the vertically challenged?!
    2 rnds +20 thrusters rx’d

    Definitely didn’t have anything in me today. Rested way too much with the kbs- also probably due to the fact that I barely had an appetite today and didn’t eat much pre-WOD.

  24. 4:17 on the row
    3 rounds + 13 kb swings @ 4kg

    Went too light… I really wanted to try to not rest too much

  25. 4:02.3 on row – PR :-)
    2 rounds
    12kg for one-arm KB thrusters, 16kg for KBs

  26. 3:36 on row, 2 rounds + 6 thrusters rx’ed

    need rest like woah. whole body hurts. I guess I will go to the beach. see you guys next week.

  27. ~4:10-ish on the row + 2 rounds + 10 thrusters at 1 pood

  28. 3:20 row: 933m

    Somewhere between 3:39 – 3:42 on the 1K
    2 rds, + 10 right arm, 4 left arm thrusters @ mostly 1 pood.
    1st round KBS at 1.5 pd. Sweaty hands and a tired grip made for a tough time with the 1.5 pd.

  29. 4:35 row
    2 rounds + 4 KBswings
    12kg KB swings
    yellow KB for right arm thruster/4kg for left arm thruster

  30. 4:15 row

    2 rounds + 7 kbs @ .5pood

  31. 3:18.1 1K row, 3 Rds +3 Rt Thrusters, need to work on cyclying on KB thrusters faster!

    Happy Hump Day!

  32. 3:52 on the row, then got 2 rounds + 14 thrusters @ 24/16

  33. 944m in 3.20…went out waaay too fast & gassed

    3.37.8 in 1k + 2rounds + 20 thrusters + 5 swings @ 16kg

    Next time will go sub 3.30 for sure: monkey-arms-power!

  34. woops, that was 3:24…. iphone fail.

    Just checked my spreadsheet, that is a 3 second improvement from 2-6-12 when we did a 1k row.

    Isn’t it amazing how easy the first 200m are compared to the last 800m?


  35. 3:51 1k
    3:20 was 892m

    2 rds 7 thrusters 1pd

  36. 4:29 row
    3 rounds exactly 8kg for thrusters and 12 kg for swings. Should have gone heavier for both

  37. Checked my records – 1k @ 3.37 is a PR, 1st PR at CFM! Still, I feel I can blast that.