Wednesday Skills & Drills


Sassypants and her vicious extension against the earth


( from the 2011.2 cf opens )

Competition Style
15 min amrap

9 Deadlifts
12 Touch & Release Push-Ups
15 Box Jumps




  1. 8 rounds + 5 box jumps rx’d

  2. 8 rounds + 1 pushup

    up from 6 rounds + 10 box jumps last year

  3. Thanks Veronica for pushing me when I was ready to throw down the towel at round 2.

    5 rounds + 9 DLs

    Morning crew ladies RX was at 115#, red box. Did not feel light on my feet, but the touch&release push ups felt better this morning. Each round of PUs and DLs were broken at around half mark.

  4. 7 rounds and 3 deadlifts Rx’d.

    Up from 6 rounds last time.

  5. 6 rounds @ 115#, knee pushups, red box

    Thanks Val for pushing me to go heavy on the deads. 115# tied my PR, but only did a low count of 18 on 1/31/2012.

    Really need to work on my regular pushups!

  6. 8 rounds + 11 pushups, as rx’d.

    Nick, thanks for sticking on me about getting all the way on the box. I have a bad habit of just getting the toes on the box, time to break that shit.

    Great crowd at 6am – nice work everyone.

  7. 7 rounds – started at 135# which was too heavy and killed my form, moved to 95#, much better

    thanks for the help eric and dave

  8. 7rds, 9 deads, 4 pushups rxd vs 7rds, 9 deads, 12 push ups, 3 box jumps rxd last year. So I’ve got that going for me.

  9. Court ordered day of rest. I am doing this one on Sunday for anyone that would like to join me.

  10. For a frame of reference, compare to here:

    This was definitely a gut checker. probably one of the best photo ops of people lying on the floor

  11. 8 rds + 8 DL RX

  12. Last year – 6 rounds + 9 deads

    This year – 5 bjs short of 7….wait for it…..wait for it – thas what she said

    I am really disappointed I didn’t get 7, clearly I should have gotten 7 – now I have to live with myself for the next, ok, over it

    On a happier note, that is improvement – I really should sleep more than 4 hours and 18 mins prior to crossfit.

    6am is awesome, glad I don’t have to think about this all day!

  13. ***SAVE THE DATES***
    For EVERYONE!!

    The Nutrition Challenge will be coming to an end on March 10th….less than 2 weeks away!! In anticipation of that, please save a couple of dates:

    SUNDAY March 11th @ NOON: Participants will be competing in the Fight Gone Bad rematch to see how much their scores have improved…please come by at Noon to cheer them on if you can!!

    Friday March 16th, 7:30 (Post WOD) at the gym, we will be having an end of Challenge Celebration/Awards Ceremony. All are invited to support and congratulate the participants!! Details to follow…..

    ALL of the participants have really shown great commitment to the challenge and have done an AMAZING job, so please come out and show your support!!

  14. OK scratch the rest day…. Work just threw a 7am meeting at me tomorrow and I am busy tomorrow night. See you later 6:30pm crew. Rest day tomorrow.

  15. 6 rounds @95#, knee push-ups, red box

  16. 5 rounds at 125 lbs. All 5 rounds no break in DL’s. First 3 push-up rounds clean, then 8+4 and 7+3+2. Toughest part is Box Jumps. Did 24″ but stepped down and took breks in 2 rounds. Also tripped and hit shin in last round. Thanks Zarra for spotting and catching me!

  17. sassypants says:

    this was the one Games wod I enjoyed last year!
    too bad i have a work event, two very sore thumbs (damn hook grip), and a purple fourth finger.

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  19. Really liked this one last year; was looking forward to it again, especially after two days off. However, it seems my wife decided to have a baby this evening and therefore I will make this one up on Sunday.

  20. @jmiz – wonderful news! Congratulations! Sambuka beer shots to celebrate :)

  21. congratulations jeff! I hope your baby has great squats.

  22. yeah miz!!! cf games champ 2030?

  23. sassypants says:

    Yay Miz! :)

  24. sassypants says:

    and Yay Snatches!

  25. congrats Miz!!!


    6 rounds + 5 dl Rx. I tried to get as many rounds as possible today, but my back began to curl and I did not work as hard as I could have to keep it straight. In hindsight, I would have preferred 3 rounds with a perfect flat back.

    Every workout is a new opportunity to better yourself. It’s an opportunity – you have to decide to take it.

  26. JMiz…. You dog! Congrats my friend!

    6 rounds + 9 deads + 7 push ups

    Deads are what they are for me, push ups I rolled through, bj’s were ok (just don’t stop doing them, rest doesn’t help).

  27. CF Games WOD 2 (Scaled info coming soon!)

    Proceed through the sequence below completing as many reps as possible in 10 minutes of:

    30 Snatch (M 75 / F 45 lbs)
    30 Snatch (M 135 / F 75 lbs)
    30 Snatch (M 165 / F 100 lbs)
    Max Rep Snatch (M 210 / F 120 lbs)

    This workout begins from the standing position. The athlete will complete all reps at the first weight before advancing to the next weight. Score is total reps completed in 10min.

  28. I guess I have to PR to get past the first 30 snatches.

  29. Jmiz – fantastic news, congrats to you & your wife

    5 rounds + 14 bj…landed on box as time was called, felt awful to come up short of 6 rounds.

    Thanks coach for the DL coaching; need to unwind my muscle memory I guess

  30. 7 rounds +9, +12, +5
    Rx weight
    knee push ups
    red box BJs

  31. 5 rounds + DL+ PU. Rx’d.
    Sluggish today but glad I worked out.

    Congratulations JMiz!!

  32. 6 rounds + 9 DL + 8 PU
    RX weight
    Knee push ups

  33. 7 rounds + DL + PU + 4 BJ Rx’d

    Last year I did 7 rounds, but I sub’d 30 20″ step ups because of a calf injury.

    Jared – I’m in the same boat for 12.2 135 will be a PR snatch for me, so it will definitely be an interesting workout.

    Jmiz – Huge congrats to you and yours!!!

  34. 6+10bj
    Better then last year but not as good as I expected, I think if we did this competition style I would have done better. As always pushups sucked for me.

  35. Also did the dead hang pull-up progression

    Max effort of 10 dead hangs, then:
    5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 5, 6, 7, 8, 5, 6, 7, 8 for a total of 97 dead hangs

  36. 3 rounds + 2 pu
    Rx weight ( still need work with my form)
    Red box

  37. rest day today

    congrats jmiz!!!

    snatches…should. be. interesting.

  38. 6 rounds + DLs + 5 push ups

    Felt good today, but the right side of my body is still more sore than my left :/

  39. 4 rounds + DL + PUs

    Rx’d weight
    PUs from toes, will use the hand release to work on getting these strict
    Mat BJs, slightly less than 24″, thanks Brendan for the push on these

    Mazel Tov Miz!

  40. hey Jmiz – great news. Congratulations!

    8 rounds; subbed with red box

  41. Thanks kids. My wife just set a new mom PR for push time. 2 minutes. Beat Brendan’s Fran time. Going to send to crossfit micro games.

  42. 7 rounds plus 10 box jumps.
    the 7:30 crew did not do this comp. style. I’m convinced that if I had someone yelling at me I would have made it through 8 rounds. Therefore, I take no responsibility for my own laziness.

  43. Jeff – Congrats brother! That’s the best thing I have heard today!!

    The worst thing i ehard today was that snatches were going to be the next games WOD! 75lbs is good, 135 would be a 35lb PR. Um, yeah so can i just submit my score of 30 now?

  44. Congrats PapaMiz!

    7 rds + 9 deads + 4 push ups

    Up from…

    6 rds + 9 deads + 9 push ups

  45. Looks like Saturday will separate the men from the boys! I am officially out of the games, but I may adjust my sat plans to hit the 9am session to test myself.

  46. 6 rounds + 9 DLs + 12 PUs
    135# DL

  47. Congrats Jmiz. Awesome news!
    Rest day for me.
    Need to do open wod 12.2 tomorrow cause I’m off to Costa Rica for a week on Friday! Lots of snatches this week.

  48. 8 Rounds + 9DL Rx’d

    Was slow on the Box Jumps, making sure the last 1″ of my heel is on the box really slows things down.

  49. congrats jeff – well done.

    9nds+6 pushups.

  50. 5 rounds + 9DL’s
    box jumps on stack of mats a titch under 24″

  51. 5 rounds dead.

    135 DL